Our Story

RenCare’s Principal, Renée Bennett, set out to offer a different approach to social care recruitment – for recruitment to be performed by professionals who are still actively working and engaged within the sector. Having experienced the challenges of recruitment herself at various stages throughout her career, Renée found that a lot of time and resources were needed to build and sustain relationships with suitable candidates – and that time was a luxury in the care sector! Renée also found that to recruit successfully, an in depth knowledge of the sector was invaluable. It requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of an organisation’s culture, it’s business strategy, political context with respect to social policy and funding, matched with the specifics of the role, required skills and candidate best fit.

Renée feels fortunate to have had the most wonderful, varied and challenging experiences throughout her career, and continues to impart her skills and knowledge as a social work clinician, supervisor and consultant. Renée’s 20 year career has included much diversity, from hospital social work and child protection, to aged care and disability. As well as working as a clinical manager for NSW Health and a leading Not-For-Profit, Renée has also worked in the UK and in Kosovo for an International Development Children’s Charity and has presented at conferences internationally.

Renée passionately believes that effective care starts with staff who work well with their teams and in the best interest of their clients. As a result, Renée believes that the benefit of placing an outstanding candidate does not end at the signing of a contract but continues throughout the weeks, months and years ahead, as candidates deliver genuine care to their clients.